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Originally Posted by Ruth Ann View Post
Hooray! Dh went and got a new coffee maker yesterday so I am happily drinking coffee this morning!

I realized this morning that the main reason I weigh myself daily is to make sure I don't wake up one morning and weigh 257 lbs again. I think it is taking awhile for my brain to catch up with the fact that I've lost weight. For some reason I think that little part of my brain keeps insisting that this may be a dream - kind of like I might wake up next to Suzanne Pleshette some morning (which only makes sense if you were a Newhart fan!).
Yay for coffee! I cleaned my coffee maker this morning with some lime scale remover (after I had made the morning coffee!) I don't think it's been done in a while. Who am I kidding, my housemate doesn't drink coffee so it's never been cleaned properly!!

I also weigh myself every morning. But I don't write it down and I have such a shocking memory that I can't get stressed if it goes the wrong way because I can't recall exactly what it was the day before! I only monitor what my weekly weigh in at the clinic is. I had a stall last week. When I was doing WW some years back, I was always one of those people who would have an awesome loss and then nothing for a week or two or three or four and then whoosh another big loss would happen. Previously this would cause me to lose faith and fall off the wagon but this time with the measurements still moving when I stall, I feel I have more tools behind me to keep going. The support on here is so invaluable.

Oh big news. I went to the supermarket this morning and I found rutabaga which I don't think we have where I'm from originally (New Zealand) so I'm going to make rutabaga fries tonight. Do people keep their rutabaga in the fridge or should it be treated like onions or potatoes? I live In a hot climate so am not sure.

Happy weekend everyone and stay warm!!
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