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Originally Posted by vachinyc View Post
Good afternoon and Happy Weekend! This week was a doozy for me at work - lots of hours and annoyances - so I'm really glad the weekend is here. Plus, today is weigh in day and I'm down 3.6! And some inches too. I'm so excited. (1.5 wk #) And, I'm now very close to "goal". Oddly, the clinic scale keeps changing my goal... They want to see 0 on the body fat gain/loss line on their scale readout. But it just keeps changing. This week it says I have 2.2 lbs to go ... Which is a little bummer that it keeps changing... BUT bmi and percentage of body fat #s are both now in the "normal" range. Exciting!

Renee you are so right about this. I too have avoided some situations because it is 'easier' but as I move into maintenance, I'm going to have to have these skills...I need to work on this more. Great reminder.
Sorry about the work stress. Enjoy your weekend and relax! And best of luck with your upcoming travel! How fun! Again, congrats on your loss this week!

I will admit, my Happy Hour Crew from work got together at the end of my second week on P1. I was afraid to go, but I was honest with them all about what I was doing and what kind of support I needed. It helped that they ordered drinks I do not like (beer, vodka). I had my tea, veggies, and steamed shrimp and really felt deep inside that I COULD DO THIS! Since then, I have not looked back! We can do ANYTHING!

Originally Posted by MORgeek View Post
Had such a good month last WI i was down 4 lbs so 16 all together for this month. Ive never lost weight like this before its crazy! but such a good feeling. Has anyone else seen a dramatic mood improvement j/w cause i feel a lot happier then i have in a long time
Congrats! Doing something good for yourself AND seeing those results definitely are uppers!
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