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Hi Augusters! We were on page 3! No, no, no

Originally Posted by AliExpat View Post
I'm still here too. Suffering from diet fatigue, I guess that's pretty common after 5 months. I missed my last WI due to a public holiday and I'll miss next week since I'll be in Jamaica. I had to order 3 new bathing suits,(bikinis at that!) since my old ones give me the "saggy diaper" look. Most chic for swimwear, lol. I'm almost out of the obese range. I plan on sticking with the diet until Easter at which point I'll fully phase off and start working out, which I miss terribly.
Bikinis! Awesome! You must have been so happy!
Definite diet fatigue here too - though maybe it's also the weather/lack of sun - combined with the somewhat monotonous 6 months of diet effort. While this has been easier and more successful than I expected, there's still some angst I create on days where my thoughts turn to what I "can't have" rather than what I "can do".

Originally Posted by ecdcslim View Post
Hi all, still here, heading down toward Phase 3 this weekend. Phase 2's been a non issue for me, mostly a pain as it was SOOO easy to have a packet and salad for lunch, now I have to think about what protein I'm going to eat.
Congrats on moving into phase 2 successfully...I haven't started yet but think the same. At a certain point, taking a packet is easy peasy

Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
We went out for our anniversary last night and I was very careful .. What struck me as we celebrated 24 years together is that this is a new 24 years starting now and it is up to me to make it everything I have wanted. I have lost -55 and I am essentially the same weight I was when we first married. So I am back and "go" and I am going to do all that I can for me.
Great attitude Schenectady. Congrats on the anniversary and hope the house sells soon!

Originally Posted by nolasmurf View Post
...Personally I've been feeling some fatigue with the strict lifestyle and I made some poor choices over the weekend. Mainly just eating out to many too many times. I could see and feel the bloat from the sodium etc so I'm back on track.
Back on track and you can do it! I think it's perfectly normal to hit plateaus with our attitude... 6 months is a long time and this does take commitment and focus. It's not a quick fix, changing our bodies and our minds. But we can do it! Hopefully new bathing suit dreams help

I had my weigh in today after a week and a half...down 3.6 so I'm excited! The next two weeks are a lot of work travel/conferences and I'm very close to goal so I'm going to aim for a mix of phase 1 and 2 days. We'll see how it goes.

Oddly, as I posted on today's daily thread, my goal weight per the clinic keeps changing... Every time I get to what they said it was, it's now lower according to their scale thing (scale says I need to lose 2.2 more pounds of body doesn't set a weight number to hit). Regardless, I'm more or less moving into phase 2 ish unofficially wish me luck!

Happy weekend and IP POWER to you!
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