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Default Happy Weekend!

Good afternoon and Happy Weekend! This week was a doozy for me at work - lots of hours and annoyances - so I'm really glad the weekend is here. Plus, today is weigh in day and I'm down 3.6! And some inches too. I'm so excited. (1.5 wk #) And, I'm now very close to "goal". Oddly, the clinic scale keeps changing my goal... They want to see 0 on the body fat gain/loss line on their scale readout. But it just keeps changing. This week it says I have 2.2 lbs to go ... Which is a little bummer that it keeps changing... BUT bmi and percentage of body fat #s are both now in the "normal" range. Exciting!

I have a good bit of work travel/dinners/conference food coming up over the next two weeks so I'm going to be doing a combo of phase 1&2 depending on what's manageable. And we will take stock after that. Planning ... Crispy cereal is easy to make at a hotel...taking a lot of bars for convenience. Also chocolate drink for warm snack assuming I have microwave access. (Has anyone made the chocolate drink using hot water and mixing the powder in slowly while stirring instead of shaking?)

Originally Posted by stefnrod View Post
2nd WI lost 2.8 no inches but still happy
Awesome! Keep it up!

Originally Posted by Slipfree View Post
Scale was down a pound this morning Have not seen that number in 12 years.
So exciting! And wonderful motivation.

Originally Posted by Jennagain View Post
Weigh in last week has put me to within 3 pounds of a number I haven't seen in a very long time- (170's) small goals, but attainable for the first time with IP.
Congrats! It's awesome to hit those mini-milestones.

Originally Posted by Butterfly queen View Post
My first month and I'm down 24.8 pounds I realize the weight will slow but the results from this month have me hooked. I remained 100% OP and I know I can do this.
That is AWESOME! Wow! Way to go!

Originally Posted by IntheEvening View Post
Just had my third weekly weigh in and I'm down a total 13 lbs, in three weeks! Go me!
Go you indeed! Keep it up!

Originally Posted by ReenHag View Post
?... One question about the happy hour- why are you giving up your friend time? If it is a matter of triggers and avoiding trigger situations, then I understand. Otherwise, there is no reason for you to not go out. Yes, the first few times are a bit difficult, but for me, it was mostly a mental issue. I stick to ordering unsweet tea or maybe club soda (add your own mio if you wish). The best thing about happy hour is the conversation, so don't miss out!
Renee you are so right about this. I too have avoided some situations because it is 'easier' but as I move into maintenance, I'm going to have to have these skills...I need to work on this more. Great reminder.

Have a lovely weekend all. IP POWER to you!
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