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Good Morning, Flowers! The sun was shining but has disappeared. The wind is blowing slightly; the flag across the street is shredded and the solar (?) light at the top of the pole has been out for months. The guy is an EMT so you'd think he'd know better but guess there is no common sense upstairs. I made a quick run to the bank for the gift shop deposit so that's one thing I won't have to do on Monday. I have laundry going and need to vacuum. Sonny pulled the bird/squirrel food bowl off the table and I have bird seed everywhere. He's too fat to squeeze through if the chair is tight to the table, but he can sure reach a long ways!

Susan -- Thanks for starting the new thread for us! It would be heaven to have a 44 degree day right now! The yards are covered with snow again; we got a new 1/2" last night and maybe an 1" the day before. I'm glad you could get out even if it meant going to work. Will you have to go in every day while your boss is gone? There is a chair yoga class offered here and I've thought about checking into it. I have never ever, in my whole life, been agile, flexible, or whatever.

Maggie -- With the bad weather you are probably wise to stay home. I have a horror of getting stuck on a freeway after seeing the Atlanta mess. An airport would be bad enough but at least one would be inside out of the weather. Hope you are able to make it to the city to get the batteries that you need.

"Gma" -- Poor Jack! I hope his finger is feeling better soon! When we took the kids to Maui, the teachers gave them the school work they were going to miss for the week they were gone. I guess the idea was that the parents could help if needed. Have fun with your new appliances but be careful of the Ninja! Hope your hip and leg are feeling better as the day goes along.

I need to get busy. Bob is at the office working on taxes and should be home for lunch soon. Hope you all enjoy a super Saturday doing something nice for yourself!
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