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Originally Posted by Butterfly queen View Post
My first month and I'm down 24.8 pounds I realize the weight will slow but the results from this month have me hooked. I remained 100% OP and I know I can do this. I'm using strictly alternatives. The first week was hard but after that it became easy. I no longer crave sugary foods which means a lot coming from me, as there is always cake, pie, or candy in the house. I do miss happy hour on Fridays with friends and colleagues but I'll survive. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you. Even though I rarely post, I read daily.
Congrats on your amazing losses! And awesome outlook. Yes, they will slow, but the program is still amazing! I, too, use alternatives. One question about the happy hour- why are you giving up your friend time? If it is a matter of triggers and avoiding trigger situations, then I understand. Otherwise, there is no reason for you to not go out. Yes, the first few times are a bit difficult, but for me, it was mostly a mental issue. I stick to ordering unsweet tea or maybe club soda (add your own mio if you wish). The best thing about happy hour is the conversation, so don't miss out!

Originally Posted by IntheEvening View Post
Just had my third weekly weigh in and I'm down a total 13 lbs, in three weeks! Go me!
I was telling my coach, even thought I'm 201, my body feels like it did when I was weighing 175lbs. Does that even make sense? Has anyone experienced this? GL everyone this week!
Congrats on your losses! Excellent! I certainly have noticed feeling much better since starting the program. I was sleeping better, having more energy during the day... Stress at work is affecting the sleep issue, but that is another story.
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