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Good morning ladies. It is overcast but a lovely upper 50's here. Poor Jay is getting more rain and sleet and ice this weekend. We talked to him this morning and they are looking forward to going to Mexico on Valentine's Day to see her dad for a week or so. I guess they have no problem taking Jackson out of school for a week. None of my business.

We had a busy and unusual day yesterday. I went to the hospital and got my preop done and boy this was great. They came to me instead of me having to trapse all over a hospital to get things done. I am all ready for Wednesday now. We then went and had lunch, then went to Macys at the mall because they were having a big small appliance sale. I have a 20 year old Oster blender that bit the dust awhile back and wanted to replace it with a good strong one and they had blenders 40% off until tomorrow. So I got one of those Ninja professional ones $150 and I paid with the savings stuff only $90 then they had $50 flat long griddles for only $20 and a $50 rotating waffle iron for $20. Of course, until we do the remodel on the dining room and make it into a big pantry storage area I have no where to put the darn things so they are sitting on the dining table. We then went to Home Depot so Jack could get a keyhole saw, to Krogers to pick up some stuff then to Fresh Market because I wanted a rotisserie chicken and some of their fresh cranberry relish, which is delicious.

We came home, unloaded and put everything away and Jack wanted to make something in the blender. I told him to be sure and wash the parts first. Well, this thing doesn't have the blades that screw into the container, but a vertical set of blades on a spindel type thing. He dropped it in the sink and it cute his right pinkie pretty deep so off we go to the ER. We spent two hours in the ER getting him fixed up. He hates needles so they didn't numb him and sew it even though I thought they should go that route as he cut it almost all the way around the finger. They cleaned it, which hurt him a lot because the cleaning stuff had alcohol and the wound was open, then they did the durabond or whatever the superglue thing is called, gave him an antibiotic prescription and pain meds and we came home and went back to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription. What an evening. They call it rapid treatment, but lie, lie, lie as we were there over 2 hours sitting and waiting after the bandaged it in the front part to keep it from bleeding onto the floor and such.

My leg is killing me today after being up on it for so long and my hip on the other side from sitting in their horrible chairs last night. I am gimping around today.

Maggie: Jack read an article online about California's draught and they have now gotten to the point where they are telling people to cut out showers everyday, hair washing, toilet flushing everytime, etc because it hasn't even sprinkled out there in over a month. It went on to show Lake Mead and the water level in Mead has dropped horribly, partly because parts of the Colorado river are drying up.

Susan: I am sure looking forward to spring for sure. One of the questions yesterday was my skeletal and muscular and she asked me about arthritis so I told her about my knee and then told her I have arthritis in my hands, shoulders and upper arms most likely from knitting all the time and she kind of chuckled at that. It can get bad where I just have to give it up for awhile. Do you find hand quilting parts difficult with needles? I tend to lean forward when I knit for some reason, which causes stress in the shoulder bone on my right side and in the ball and socket in my arm with the movement back and forth.

Well gals, I need to go fold laundry. Have a great weekend all. Faye
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