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Originally Posted by Slipfree View Post
Good morning! It is actually above freezing today

Scale was down a pound this morning, first time that I have seen that number in 12 years

Biggest changes: I can see and feel my hip bones.
I can cross my legs easily.
I get dressed quickly because clothes fit.
I am happier overall.
I don't feel invisible in the world anymore.

Steph, the irony of losing this weight in winter? I am constantly wearing big bulky sweaters, because they have lowered the thermostat in my classroom. My buddy was wearing his parka in his classroom. I hate being cold, so I come home and crank my heat which means bucko $$$ on my oil bill.

So glad that I have friends to share this journey with.
Congrats on the loss this morning! You must feel great! I too feel less invisible - I have so much more confidence and feel more "worthy" of being a human being. Sounds a bit harsh but all I wanted to do was hide in shame when I was at my highest. Never again!

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