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Originally Posted by knm View Post
Hey Sunflower! How's the job going? Glad to see you're sticking it out! I know we both struggled staying OP before the holidays, but now it's crunch time! No more excuses for either of us!

I'm only on day 4, but so far so good. Haven't had any major cravings yet. This happened to me last year in January too. I just had no interest in anything that wasn't on plan. I have to some how remember this feeling in a week or a month or six months when I feel like eating an entire candy aisle.

I realize it's all water weight so far, but I'm down 2.4 since Monday, so that's keeping my spirits up!
Hi knm, congrats on getting back on track this week. The job is going OK, not my ideal job but it's good money so I'll take it. Have a wedding to pay for afterall

I have been staying OP pretty much but feeling tired these days, especially today. Some days I'm buzzing with energy and some days I'm feeling sluggish. I don't know how anyone could exercise on this diet, I would collapse I think.

Anyhow good news for this week, I lost 2 whole lbs on my home scale. Official WI at the coach's office is not til later, but I updated my ticker. So close to the 130's, I can't wait!!
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