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Originally Posted by coffeebean View Post
This is my new favorite hot drink
Yay! I love it, too. So glad someone else is enjoying it!

Originally Posted by calee View Post
Dana, thank you for the packet clarification. I have been doing Atkins but its more food so I'm a bit nervous about the hunger between breakfast and lunch. I know I will be fine from lunch on. I'll have to mentally gear up to starting up again.

Which packets do all of you find keep you full the longest. I like chewing meals rather than liquid meals.
For lunch, I enjoy the plain rotini thrown into a veggie sautee. That really seems to have staying power for me. I drink a chocolate drink in my coffee almost every morning, so sorry I can't help you with a morning meal. I do drink a half tablet of nuun in my water at 10:30 that helps me make it to lunch, very refreshing.

Originally Posted by Busymomx4 View Post
So i STILL havenít lost that pound...what gives!!! I spent the whole day at the hospital yesterday with my daughter and had planned well, had brought my lunch, etc but struggled cause thereís a cafe with yummy food in the waiting room where we spent countless hours. But i stayed OP and had dinner when we got home at 8pm and thought for sure i would be rewarded with at least losing that lb but nope....still very present!

Struggling really hard to stay OP today...funny how one day you can feel that nothing can take away your willpower and a couple days later...youíre on the verge of giving up!

Hope you all have a great day! TGIF
Aw, honey! Hang in there! It is tough to shake off these dumb pounds. Don't forget to breathe!

Originally Posted by Bellamack View Post
Good Morning all! Well, today was reboot weigh in #4 and down 1.2 lbs. I am so frustrated, 2 days ago I was down 4 lbs, geez. I think it is because I have been on my feet all day for the past 2 days and my knee is swollen ( 8 weeks post op), so hoping it is just some fluid retention and of course the big "C" has hit. I just can't understand the big C, because we eat so many veggies and I NEVER, EVER have it my whole life, except when I do IP. I hope everyone has a Great weekend
I understand the feelings of frustration. I feel so different this week that I expect some big numbers to shift on the scale, but like you, it was about a pound and a half difference. Oh well, I was a slow loser last time and it got me to a place where I felt great. Slow downward creeping is still downward creeping.
Originally Posted by Delgen View Post
Hi everyone. I also see a lot of friendly familiar faces!, I was so incredibly happy to find this post

I'm back on I P and just completed day 2 on phase I, not really hungry...but I have about 35 to,loose.

Has anyone seen Rainbow?
Hi Delgen! I remember you! Welcome back!
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