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Originally Posted by marlisk View Post
Prettynurse555, I had the same experience at last week's weigh-in. I also only lost .5 inches around my gain in lbs. but stayed the same, even though I was OP. However, I too had about 3 crazy days when I didn't get all my water in. I didn't cheat, but I didn't eat at normal times, less veggies, etc. My coach says the water makes a big difference, and our bodies will hold on to it if we're not drinking the amount we should. A few days later (after being really on top of my water/eating times/veggies), 2 lb. came off. Not sure if there's a correlation, but I'll stick with it!

There are also two helpful videos on the myidealprotein site about this subject: One is called "Weight Loss Plateaus" and the other is "Get rid of the scale...for now." Both explain in more detail why these things can happen.
Thank you so much Marlisk! I am just feeling very discouraged! I'm unable to eat at normal times most days when I'm working. I've been pretty good with my water until this week , but I can't neglect my patients or stay up all night to drink my water! I go to nights this week, not so busy at work!

Hopefully next week is a better weigh in! I do feel like I lost however, I almost need new scrubs, I had to keep pulling my pants up when I was helping with a code or even just walking down the hallway!
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