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Originally Posted by Prettynurse555 View Post
Weigh in #4 today. And I've gained!!! 2 lbs!!!! I didn't wear what I normally wear to weigh ins, had on jeans, tank top and t shirt today. Normally I just wear a tank top and leggings. Also, I didn't get all my water in 3days this week d/t work being so crazy busy! Anyone think of any reasons why I might have gained, it's not T.O.M. And I was only slightly constipated, I'm starting on floralax. I didn't cheat and had tomatoes only once! I did only lose 0.5 inch around my tummy this week too! Very discouraged and looking for some answers!
Prettynurse555, I had the same experience at last week's weigh-in. I also only lost .5 inches around my gain in lbs. but stayed the same, even though I was OP. However, I too had about 3 crazy days when I didn't get all my water in. I didn't cheat, but I didn't eat at normal times, less veggies, etc. My coach says the water makes a big difference, and our bodies will hold on to it if we're not drinking the amount we should. A few days later (after being really on top of my water/eating times/veggies), 2 lb. came off. Not sure if there's a correlation, but I'll stick with it!

There are also two helpful videos on the myidealprotein site about this subject: One is called "Weight Loss Plateaus" and the other is "Get rid of the scale...for now." Both explain in more detail why these things can happen.
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