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Originally Posted by marlisk View Post
Hi there! I started IP on January 3rd at the urging of a friend (also my IP coach) whom I've known since 8th grade. Honestly, if it weren't for her, I don't think I would have chosen IP. I was very concerned about eating packaged food and the downplay on exercise. But, as she said to me--Phase 1 is not a long-term way of life/eating, this is for a crisis, a reset.

A little about me: I'm 37, married, have 3 kids, and live on a small island in WA state. I have been overweight for all of my adult life. I have tried many diets and ways of eating at varying times. I am an "armchair nutritionist"--meaning I have a lot of knowledge and books, but don't follow a lot of that knowledge consistently myself.

After the birth of my third child (she just turned 3), I was hospitalized for 5 weeks for a life-threatening infection that almost killed me and nearly took my right leg. Lucky for me I lived, and though I had 5 surgeries on my leg and an open wound that took 8 months to heal, I still have that leg.

However, the antibiotic cocktail, medications and extended bed rest left me with high fatigue, depression, low energy, and a host of very weird little health problems. I'm definitely better, but not the same person I used to be. It's very frustrating for me that it's taking so long. I have been to specialists and no one can explain it, other than to say I might have fibromyalgia.

All that to say---my weight has shifted up and down in 50 lb. increments over the past few years, resulting in my last gain that left me at 291 lb.--only 2 lbs. lighter than when I was 9 months pregnant with my last child. My coach said she didn't agree with the fibromyalgia diagnosis, and feels that my body and gut health were just incredibly taxed by the infection/medications.

I think she may be right because at this 4 week mark, I am down from 291.5 lbs. to 267.5 lbs. I have lost 24 lbs!! What's more, I have sooooo much more energy, mental clarity, less mood swings, and the number one health problem (intensely itchy skin)--is pretty much gone!

Most importantly, I have had some incredibly significant insights into my relationship with food. I have had a few days where I wanted to chew my arm off, so to speak---just this intense anxiety that I finally realized comes from having a hard time just being with myself, not having some outside way to cope, to distract. I grew up in a foodie family (all thin and fit) that enjoys cooking all sorts of food and celebrating with food. But my food addiction (this is the first time I've called it that) took me to entirely different levels--I eat to deal with any feeling, even happiness, or even just pure boredom.

The discipline of the IP program is what I attribute to these revelations. The packaged foods I balked about are what keep me accountable and provide a strict framework in which I can nourish my body, instead of me having to choose every food particle. At least for now, this is good for me. I look at it like being on IP is "taking my medicine". I get overwhelmed at times about how long I'll need to be OP, but I am remaining determined and trying to use all tools available to me to be successful. I am hoping this forum will be one of them.

I hope I haven't gone on too long, but I do want to thank all of you for your posts. This is my first post, but I've been reading all month long, and it's helped me tremendously.!
Welcome! Glad to hear you're on the mend, how scary! Keep up the great work!
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