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Default Progress report

Hello Declutterers:

I've been out of town for the past week or so. Working in the print studio out of town it was clear to me that I can be very organized and very systematic, though it was a fight as I had to constantly course correct. I came home woith a renewed need to get my studio (outside my home but nearby) into good working order. I threw away two large garbage bags of stuff and soent 2 days organizing it and I came back to the same issues again and again and so I rented a very small storage locker, with DH's blessing, to hold my completed artwork and art materials that I will be using but not right now. In 6 months I will revisit the need/use of that locker but for now it has allowed me to empty my studio and it is *almost* completely ready for use. I have 2 rubbermaid bins and a large wooden crate that I need to go through and then I need to remove them once that's done. I ma dedicating myself to my artwork over the next 2 years and a studio that is ready for me is a big part of that. of course, having it be 1 degree when I arrive and having the temperature rise to 8C in 39 minutes and then 13C in an hour, all due to my new ceiling mounted heater, it's actually hopeful as my old heater raised temp by about 8 degrees. I am hopeful that with them both on, if the fuse doesn't blow, it will be a comfortable space.

At home I cleared the fridge of all expired stuff. It came to almost a garbage bag full. Geez. I didn't wipe down the shelves or anything else but that will come soon. I have also been working to keep up with the laundry, as I do mine and my mom's, and the pile of clothes/stuff in the bedroom is now half size. I will clear it away over the weekend. Also on the agenda is unearthing my kitchen table so I can read the paper at it in the morning and continuing with opening and sorting those boxes. Not that many to go. My sister will be coming for a visit at the end of February and it is a goal to have to cleared away by the time she arrives.

Bye for now.
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