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Originally Posted by PerishTheWeight View Post
Started last Thursday so I'm on day 6 now. First 3 days lost 5.3 lbs. Haven't lost anything significant since (I weigh daily on the Wii Fit). Am sticking with it religiously, but getting harder as I'm starting to run out of the IP food packets that I like best. I still get hungry a couple hours after I've eaten, and "unlimited lettuce" just doesn't seem to do the trick ;-) But I'm sure that things will improve as I get used to things and my body adjusts more. Looking forward to traveling this road with you guys!
Greetings! Congratulations on choosing this wonderful way of life. I am about at the end of week 3. My coach Judy is wonderful. Her way of looking at hunger is to embrace it. Because when you are hungry, you are burning fat. So whenever I do get hungry and I do, I drink water and think of what my coach said.
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