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Its great that you have found a vegetarian diet to be good for you. Although it is a mistake to keep protein low. I think the recommended about minimum is about 25% of the daily diet. You need to rebuild tissues and keep all that side of things going. Worth looking up to see what else protein is used for. e.g. hair condition, nails, skin renewal, healing in general. Good sources for vegans would be beans, lentils, nuts. Check out my salad in my vegetarian food diary in that section. Called, a highly uninteresting title A Diet Blog. Incidentally i'm losing weight easily and not doing any exercise yet. I think its also good you increased your calories. Sounds like they wear unhealthily low.

I think you are being scammed. I think if you would read this link and consider diagnosis of the other possible conditions described such as sleep apnoea, depression or adrenal insufficiency, you may find a better explanation of your symptoms when you are feeling them. Its a good article, clear and logical right to the end unlike the articles written by naturopaths that i've read e.g. a certain Dr Lam. And it doesn't try to bamboozle you with pseudo scientific nonsense.

"The adrenals are a pair of glands that sit on the kidneys and produce several hormones, including the stress hormones epinephrine and norepiniephrine that are associated with the “fight or flight” response. Can you tire these glands out? In the absence of any scientific evidence, chiropractor and naturopath James Wilson coined the term “adrenal fatigue” in his 1998 book of the same name."\

"Fake diseases are compilations of various symptoms into conditions without any scientific basis. Peter Lipson has examined this in detail here at SBM. As Dr. Lipson points out, it’s human nature to want answers and to understand patterns of symptoms. Defining a cluster of symptoms in general terms is the first mistake. Symptoms need to be collated in a rational way to understand the parameters of the disorder. With adrenal fatigue, there’s no objective operational description, nor is there a validated symptom score. Using a vague list of symptoms to identify patients is the second mistake. While laboratory tests are advertised for identifying adrenal fatigue, there’s no persuasive data to demonstrate that blood or saliva tests provide any meaningful information, or are correlated with any underlying pathology."
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