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Originally Posted by Chardonnay View Post
Thanks hhm6 I can tell you exactly what I did from day 1, if you have nothing to do but read's not all that complicated. I'm a former bean-counter, so numbers are a big deal for me. My greatest tool was an excel sheet where I kept track of everything I ate, calories, workouts, calories burned and how I generally felt.

For food: I went to a bunch of different websites, just to figure out how much I needed to eat based on my BMR and TDEE. I saw how many calories I'd need based on being sedentary to MAINTAIN my 217 pounds...then I checked how many calories I'd need to weigh 207 pounds and I ate according to that. I'd do that every time I reached a 10 pound goal, then adjust to eat for someone who weighed 10 pounds lighter. I also realized I was drinking too much wine (which slows metabolism) and eating way too much cheese...gosh I love cheese....anyway, I very slowly changed my eating habits by adding fruits and vegetables. I cut down on the wine, but never gave it up. I only ate cheese once a week. I started to force myself to drink more water (didn't like water back then!)...I started to ease up on the flour products too, bread and pasta mainly. I had to cut out sweets pretty much cold turkey at first though because I didn't think I could eat them in moderation at that point.

For exercise: I'd gained 97 pounds in just over 1 year by being on meds, due to the rapid weight gain, my joints hurt and my ankles buckled, so I had to walk with a cane. I had no choice but to just start off by walking. I would just walk back and forth to the mail box and that's all I could handle. I made sure to do a 20 minute stretching routine daily though, to help my muscles remain flexible and injury-free.

After I lost the first 20 pounds, I could walk without the cane (woohoo!) and I joined the gym. I usually did 45 minutes of cardio with a full weight workout 3x a week, then 60 minutes of cardio 3x a week, then one day off. Always followed by stretching. In the winter I'd work out at home. When spring came, I was down to about 165, so I took up hiking in the mountains (I lived up north)...barely went to the gym, but continued the weight training at home.

That was 2+ years ago, last summer I reached 140 and well, didn't give up, but didn't try to lose any more really. I met my bf and we had a lot of fun, eating and going out...but this xmas, my little ab-flab was really bothering me when I wore a nice dress and had to hold my gut in all night at a party, so I decided to buck up and try to lose that last 15 pounds, so there you go. I'm back at the gym 3x a week to do cardio and weights, then 3x a week at home doing yoga. I'm eating for weight loss, actually just started an eating plan called 5:2, where you eat healthily for 5 days a week, then 2 non-consecutive days you "fast" (500 calories for women and 600 for men). Yesterday was our first fasting day (bf is doing it too) and it was easier than I thought. I think that'll help me to get rid of these pesky 140's!!!

Thanks for reading!!
Thank you for such a detailed response!! =) and wow! You really got it together and changing your cals every 10lbs I never even thought to do that! I don't know why but this time starting has become so much harder. I just can't seem to get a good grasp over it, and it's making me sad and almost willing to stay fat. I really need to get it together!

Would you recommend not exercising and just controlling calories? and how on earth do you fast!! and what do your 500 calories consist of?

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3/01/14--->40-34-42 (170lbs)
9/15/14--- (173lbs)
1/8/15---> 40-35-43 (179lbs)
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