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Hello Peeps!
Well, did my weekly weigh in today and I'm only down 1 lb. I know, I know, a loss is a loss, but I'm so disappointed that I'm not experiencing the 2-3 lb per week losses that I did first time around!
I just don't feel the same way I did last time around either.... that ketosis energy rush, kind of flighty spacy thing didn't happen to me. I miss that sorta hollow, but not starving feeling I had last time too. 's weird, right?

RN4 - You're doing great, and you have tons of support here. So many of us are feeling your struggles. Keep up the great work!

Originally Posted by patns View Post
There is research that shows you lose quickest the first time you do a low carb diet. Most people find it much slower second time around.
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From the reading I've done on low carb diets (over the last 10-12 years), I've learned there appears to be a "golden opportunity" when the body hasn't been on low carb before. This is probably why you lost more previously. It doesn't mean you can't lose (obviously you're losing!) but the first time we're almost "tricking" the body into shedding some weight. This time the body figures it out more quickly.
Pat & Lisa, Thanks for your wise, calming words. You both reaffirm why I come here - for peace of mind.
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