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Rie Hopefully leaving this job will mean you'll be on to bigger and better things! It might be hard until you find another job, but hopefully you'll find something with better business practices. The entire situation just sounds shady. =(

Silverfire That Gif reminds me so much of my Cat! He's such a Princess, for the longest time he refused to drink out of his water bowl and whenever I brushed my teeth or got out of the shower, he would run into the bathroom really fast and drink out of the faucet there. Eventually we got him a fancy water bowl that has an electric fountain that constantly pumps the water rather than just leaving the faucets running for him all the time.

Dottington Congrats on your woosh! I could use a good woosh!


I didn't think I was going to make it through my 64 oz of water yesterday, but I got through it right before I went to bed. I got started drinking a lot later than I usually do. Usually the first thing I do when I wake up is fill up my first cup. But I didn't get around to doing that until about noon, which is usually the time I am done with my first 32 oz and starting on the last 32 oz.

I got my second cardio/gym workout in today, so I have successfully completed my First Tier on the Exercise Pyramid. Super excited and I fell pretty accomplished that I didn't have to cram another gym day in on Sunday night. I fully anticipated that.
May Fitness Goals:
720 minutes of walking/running (111/720)
240 minutes of strength training (0/240)
120 minutes of yoga or pilates (30/120)
End of May Goal weight: 270

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