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Originally Posted by jonimenz View Post
Have to say ladies,,,I really miss real food...
Just beginning week three and I have to say that the program is not very forgiving. I didn't stay on program on the weekend but ate healthy and watched my calories...Now I weigh almost as much two weeks after as I did when I started it.
I will stick to it. I have 10 more weeks left. We will see if it evens out...
How are you all doing?

Hi Joni,

The information says that we should lose about 2 pounds per week. If you have been on the diet 2 weeks - it appears you HAVE lost 2 pounds per week!!! Good job!!!

If you go off program for a weekend (even being careful), you will not lose weight as fast. Would it be possible to go off program one day a week? That will speed up your weight loss.

No diet is forgiving. It is rough. BUT, we have to think of our long-term goal. To be healthy, to wear a smaller size (yippee), and to extend our lives. You have to decide if making a commitment to good health is worth it. Is YOUR life worth it? YES IT IS!!!

You can do this, my friend... Don't think about what you're giving up - think about what you're gaining.

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