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Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
A big NSV for me, courtesy of my very favorite non communicative male, with whom I just celebrated our 24th. I posted about the outfit that my husband had given me 24 years ago that I was never able to wear. I told him about it on or anniversary and told him that I could fit into it now and that was his present.

When he come home yesterday, I had it on. Winter white pants and matching long jacket (thank goodness for the length 'cause I still have a fair amount of junk in the trunk). I paired it with a fitted cable knit top in winter white We are seated on the sofa watching news and Mr. Noncommuicative says "is that the same outfit? It looks good" and he continues to stare.

Not bad for an NSV along with the 2 dozen red roses (he has never brought flowers for our anniversary). When I showed amazement, and thanks, for the flowers and I asked why now, he said "because they come in dozens"....i.e. number 24.

Guys are funny....
That is so sweet on both your parts! Congrats on 24 years - that is awesome!

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