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I broke 30 lbs! That's not a lot since last May, but it's very steady and I'm in a losing spurt right now, 6 lbs since Christmas. I had to throw out a bagful of pants that I had been rolling at the waist, and dig into my next tier of sizes. I just bought two pairs of 16W, which I'm very proud of, they fit me best. They are stretchy, but not loose. I'm excited about the fact that my next goal puts me at breaking 200. That will be a very big deal for me, and most of the clothes in my closet will fit again. 200 sounds big, and it's still obese, but for me it means belts and clothes I haven't worn in five years. So that's, for me, a celebration to look forward to.

Still using Wonderslim shakes and bars, but have moved into regular food for two meals a day, breakfast and the main meal of the day. I'm not bingeing and staying away from any sweets. The "real" food is easier to choose now and not a "gateway" thing like it used to be. For today. So I am seeing some progress. Feel like today I have the food in perspective, which can be a problem for me. It's not a consuming thought one way or another. Knowing the Wonderslim stuff is there if I overeat one day gets me right back on track, so I'm not ready to let go of it yet. It's serving a good purpose for me. Helps me with the black or white thinking I have trouble with.

I would love to be a lot farther along than this but it is what it is. It's been my journey and anytime I'm going in the right direction is a positive. I'm proud I've been able to turn around again when I gained some back, and now have lost enough to see a mini-goal coming up. This may take me longer than some others, but I'm going to get there!

for every 5 lbs. lost!
1) Break 200 lbs.
2) Normal fasting blood sugar with no meds (70-100mg)
3) No longer morbidly obese (162-180 lbs.)
4) No X on clothes
5) No longer obese (150-156 lbs.)
6) Healthy weight (114-144 lbs.)
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