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Originally Posted by mars735 View Post
If your ticker is up-to-date, it looks like you are at or near ideal weight. There are many with longer experience than I, who I hope will add their voices. I've been on IP1-4 for about a year total. From my experience with the sensations you describe, AND the fact that the packet cured your pangs, I'd say you might need more food, in a nutshell. It sounds like your body is searching for stored energy to burn and not finding much fat. For me, this typically preceded a big drop in either size or weight or both. And having a little extra didn't hurt as long as I didn't overdo it. Good for you!!!!
Mars, thanks so much. My husband was saying this morning that I was looking pretty thin, too thin, tho the scale hasn't shown a shift. My clothes have, tho, much looser so that may be the issue. I will start P3 on Sunday, and will try to power through the cravings until then to see if getting back on carbs help. Thanks again.
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