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Hello - I'm thinking about doing the Ideal Protein diet. I'm 5' 6", 140 lbs, looking to lose 10-15 lbs (fat - keep muscle) so I can resume working out, re-set my body and eat clean. I've been doing a clean eating diet since Jan. 6 with 4-5 workouts a week with a new trainer. I haven't lost weight or inches, in fact I feel bigger and always bloated/full. I eat only whole foods, no grains, no gluten, no artificial sweetners, little dairy (greek yogurt & half/half 1tsp in coffee), veggies, lean protein, and good fats (nuts, nut butters, avocado, coconut oil/olive oil).
I'm really stuck and not sure what to do. I've talke with the LP coaches, but wonder if a) it's unbearable to follow since you can't workout; b) does the weight truly stay off; c) is it safe?
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