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Originally Posted by dak1lls View Post
Oh usual you amaze me! You can totally do this! What an inspiration you are to me.
Originally Posted by Maile View Post
Sarita: Go for it. We will cheer you on. You are amazing. Do you have a plan for getting in condition to double your running and biking miles? You are a great inspiration to all of us!
I did it! All signed up. 10/25/14 I will be acting a fool and doing a 1/2 Ironman/woman. Woot! As the date approaches I will give you all my race information so you can track online, if you want. As for the plan, I am going to use a coach-made book. I need to get back into the pool and get on my bike. Should be a journey!

Originally Posted by Ishbel View Post
Thanks for all the sympathy. It actually made me feel really good when I read it. I was crying quite a bit (mostly to my mom lol) and I'm relatively back to normal. Today is the last day of antibodics and I can chew gum on that side but only for a few chews. (ha!) It's not done yet though, he only put in medication and I'm back in Feb for the second part. Then a crown after that. I hope to delay the crown until after the baby is born though not sure I should delay the second part because the tooth is weak without proper reinforcement in it.
Huhya! Feel better soon. Between pregnancy and tooth issues - that's a lot. Be strong and, when you aren't, it is good to know you have your mom and ... us!

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