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Originally Posted by ecdcslim View Post
Hi all, still here, heading down toward Phase 3 this weekend. Phase 2's been a non issue for me, mostly a pain as it was SOOO easy to have a packet and salad for lunch, now I have to think about what protein I'm going to eat. We have a cafe in the office but since I only eat fish and eggs for protein, the salad bar is getting a little same ole same ole. (only so much dry tuna and chopped hard boiled eggs I can stand). Phase 3 will be interesting - I haven't lost weight really over Phase 2 - maybe 2.5 lbs over 2 weeks - but think inches are going. I really wanted to be under 135 lbs as I know I'm going to put on weight when I re-introduce the carbs.
Congrats on starting phase three! I hope you can get some more options for your lunch proteins....same old, same old, can get boring, for sure!

Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
I am having so much fun 'shopping' in my closet. I have about 1 more size smaller that have been hanging around, so it is fun to slip something on and find it slide down smoothly. Some things I passed by without ever wearing but that is not a problem to me!

So I am about 1/2 way through the size 18's and looking eagerly to get into my first size 16. Huge motivational thing for me to see the old stuff dropped off at the thrift store. My closet is now about half empty....
So much fun! It was smart of you to hold on to some stuff. It has been so long since I was this small that I only had about one size worth of clothes to go through, then I had to get new ones. The Goodwill Store is now my new best friend!!

Stay warm, all!

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