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Originally Posted by RN4Babies View Post
I've lost 10 pounds the first month of my restart. On any other diet, I would be thrilled, but since its IP, I feel like it should be more. I lost 16 the first month with a similar starting weight the first time. I am drinking all of my water, doing restricted 3-4x/week (and the lower carb count restricted items), not exercising, and measuring everything. The only thing that isn't 100% is I probably miss a serving of veggies 3x/week or so and sometimes don't get all of my olive oil in. This usually happens when I get busy at work (I'm an ICU nurse). Could this be my issue? I feel like I'm being more careful than my first go at it, so I'm a little surprised. I'm motivated and will stick to it, but would appreciate your input!
From the reading I've done on low carb diets (over the last 10-12 years), I've learned there appears to be a "golden opportunity" when the body hasn't been on low carb before. This is probably why you lost more previously. It doesn't mean you can't lose (obviously you're losing!) but the first time we're almost "tricking" the body into shedding some weight. This time the body figures it out more quickly.

I've also recently learned that there are biological markers some folks can have that makes low carb diets worse for them (I'm NOT saying this is you but perhaps it could be people who have not have good experiences on IP).

Many things have changed since the first time you did IP. You are a bit older, you've done it before (yo yo dieting is BAD for us!), and you have more stress in your life now.

So, in a nutshell, I say be happy with the 10 lbs and move forward knowing this experience may not mirror your last IP journey. But it will have the same outcome! And the oil & veggies ARE important. Our bodies need that little bit of fat and the carbs from the veggies are good for us as well. If you miss any oil, be sure to grab a steak!
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