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Originally Posted by Autumnjana View Post
I have been losing weight since March of last year. Thus far I have lost 110 pounds and I am intending to lose 15 more. So, I can't say I am maintaining yet, except for the pounds I have already lost of course

I have really loved looking through the Maintenance forum...I am just a sponge soaking up all the advice, techniques and life experiences posted by members. I never want to EVER regain the weight I lost. I am going to keep doing what I did to lose the weight - go to Weight Watcher meetings, read up on 3FC daily, exercise 5-6 times a week and track my points. I also like the idea of a "redline" weight, I believe it is called. With WW you are not supposed to go two pounds under and two pounds over your goal weight. So I suppose that would be my redline weight.

A little about me...I have a real sweet tooth. I love desserts like nobody's business. I can't really have much of it in the house (like birthday cake or ice cream), but found that I am not tempted by granola bars or honey or brown sugar. I am a Christian but obviously love and embrace everyone. Just sometimes it is good to know that, I suppose.

One last thing about me, I feel like I have been given an incredible gift - a new lease on life. As I believe Meg has said in a past thread, everyday feels like Christmas. And as Robin has said, I get to play dress up everyday and I feel like a real life princess. I would not trade these feelings for my old unhappy life and I am looking to acquire as much knowledge and skills as it takes and put them into practice in order to keep at it.

As I mentioned, I have 15 more pounds to lose. I am really looking forward to reaching my goal weight and entering the maintenance phase. I have a little contest with my boss to reach our goal weights in the next 1.5 months. It is something light-hearted and fun; if we don't reach our goal weights on the day of we are not going to be terribly upset or anything. But in the midst of this dreadful winter weather, it is a nice sunny spot to look forward to and we are both excited about it.
Welcome and good luck, you are off to a great start.
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