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Originally Posted by PerishTheWeight View Post
Week 1, Day 7 for me. "No balsamic vinegar until maintenance but lemon juice is ok. I wouldn't go crazy with it, moderation is key!"
Acck!! I HOPE that doesn't include the Waldon Farms vinaigrette - cuz that's pretty much what I put on all my salads (only 1 oz. or less, tho)!

I've been really trying hard to follow this exactly, but my coach had to go out of town the day after I started so I haven't had anyone to really give me input on things. Does anyone know if we can eat REGULAR mustard? My info. sheet says "HOT" mustard - which I don't care for. I made a pork loin roast last night and rubbed it with regular mustard and spices (garlic powder, paprika, thyme, IP salt, cracked pepper, a little cayenne pepper). It was delicious - but I'm hoping I didn't screw things up! I did end up with some heartburn last night - might be because I paired it with sauerkraut (?). Also made roasted cauliflower (cauliflower "popcorn") and turnip "fries" to go along with it. Didn't eat it all, tho, as I noticed the burnt edges and remembered the coach had mentioned something about carmelization being bad for us. Anyone know anything about that? Also - what's this about emails with recipes that I keep seeing people mention? I haven't gotten anything like that? Do they come automatically or is the coach supposed to send them out?

So far I've l lost 5.3 lbs. in the first 3 days. Then stayed stable for the next 3. This morning I weighed .5 MORE! I am hungry a lot. I typically eat a shake w/1.5 c. spinach for breakfast (today had the cereal puffs - seriously?? I had about 3 bites and it was gone!), soup with sauteed veggies mixed in for lunch (that is, until I ran out of the soups - I like the mushroom & chicken ones best so far) and sometimes a veggie salad with it, a restricted item for snack in the late afternoon (was having it after dinner, but wanted to switch it up to see if that would make a difference), and a dinner such as grilled chicken, ahi steaks or sirloin strip on the George Forman grill with a side salad - (served w/ WF balsamic vinaigrette). I'm drinking all my water and then some. I did have about 6 oz. of carbonated H20 from my soda stream with a bit of sweetleaf vanilla stevia drops in it last night.. Didn't even drink the whole thing. So I don't *think* I'm screwing up too bad. Let's hope things start kicking back into gear for me soon!
The 0/0/0 Walden Farms products are fine to use. Mustard is fine as long as it doesn't have sugar. Onions need to be eaten raw but crispy cauliflower is fine (amazingly delicious, in fact)

Your coach should input your email address to receive the videos.

Sounds like you're doing well so far. I just caution against weighing yourself everyday but if you can handle the fluctuations of natural bodily functions it's up to you!

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