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Week 1, Day 7 for me. "No balsamic vinegar until maintenance but lemon juice is ok. I wouldn't go crazy with it, moderation is key!"
Acck!! I HOPE that doesn't include the Waldon Farms vinaigrette - cuz that's pretty much what I put on all my salads (only 1 oz. or less, tho)!

I've been really trying hard to follow this exactly, but my coach had to go out of town the day after I started so I haven't had anyone to really give me input on things. Does anyone know if we can eat REGULAR mustard? My info. sheet says "HOT" mustard - which I don't care for. I made a pork loin roast last night and rubbed it with regular mustard and spices (garlic powder, paprika, thyme, IP salt, cracked pepper, a little cayenne pepper). It was delicious - but I'm hoping I didn't screw things up! I did end up with some heartburn last night - might be because I paired it with sauerkraut (?). Also made roasted cauliflower (cauliflower "popcorn") and turnip "fries" to go along with it. Didn't eat it all, tho, as I noticed the burnt edges and remembered the coach had mentioned something about carmelization being bad for us. Anyone know anything about that? Also - what's this about emails with recipes that I keep seeing people mention? I haven't gotten anything like that? Do they come automatically or is the coach supposed to send them out?

So far I've l lost 5.3 lbs. in the first 3 days. Then stayed stable for the next 3. This morning I weighed .5 MORE! I am hungry a lot. I typically eat a shake w/1.5 c. spinach for breakfast (today had the cereal puffs - seriously?? I had about 3 bites and it was gone! Although I will admit that adding the leftover "milk" to my coffee definitely helped me not miss my former daily 1/2 & 1/2 so much!), soup with sauteed veggies mixed in for lunch (that is, until I ran out of the soups - I like the mushroom & chicken ones best so far) and sometimes a veggie salad with it, a restricted item for snack in the late afternoon (was having it after dinner, but wanted to switch it up to see if that would make a difference), and a dinner such as grilled chicken, ahi steaks or sirloin strip on the George Forman grill with a side salad - (served w/ WF balsamic vinaigrette). I'm drinking all my water and then some. I did have about 6 oz. of carbonated H20 from my soda stream with a bit of sweetleaf vanilla stevia drops in it last night.. Didn't even drink the whole thing. So I don't *think* I'm screwing up too bad. Let's hope things start kicking back into gear for me soon!

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