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Originally Posted by shcirerf View Post
But trying to convince Mom, that her house need to be cleaner and more clutter free, not so much. She just does not care.

I could handle a bit of clutter, but it's to the point, that for her, at her age it's a health, and safety issue. The house is a fire trap! Not to mention a food, health hazard!

Sisters and I are practicing patience, while encouraging Mom to let us help out more. She is getting more receptive, but it will be a time consuming project.

So, for those of you who do struggle with the clutter issue, could you help me with advice, on how, is the best way to go about helping an older, and somewhat, disabled family member, who has entirely to much "stuff"?
shcirerf, I can only share my experience w/my mom...she traditionally had alot of stuff and just kept bringing it in. Siblings tried for years to clean up and haul out just to have more come in. Finally, at 92, she's quit bringing stuff in which helps. Finally accepting I could not change her behavior brought me to the point where I decided to really deal with my own home issues. That said, my moms house is not, in my opinion, a fire, health or safety hazard. It's not real clean, I don't like to cook/eat over there but there is a difference with what you're describing. If your mom's place IS a health,fire and safety hazard and she is resistant to change (I don't know her age) you might need to seek professional help....perhaps counseling for you and siblings or a clutter specialist. I just don't have any other ideas. Since this thread is for individuals working on changing their own personal behaviors it's about the only area I'd be able to help with. I have learned I'm powerless to change anyone else.
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