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Smile Just heard Jon Gabriel talk yesterday

I have been reading about meditation for a couple of years now. Not good at doing it and yet I realize that to really lose weight I need to make changes. Diets in and of themselves do not work because once we stop being vigilant we start regaining. Viscous cycle. So I can see this is not a very active group, but I think this could be a very helpful piece of the picture for many of us. I just ordered the book and have looked at his site. Actually, other than the visualization I do not see much on the site except that he sells alot of other programs and supplements. I will go back as I have a month trial, but doubt that the site is very supportive or worth the monthly fee. From what I read about previous comments, it seems like he is basically promoting a healthier diet supported by the visualizations to help change our thinking. For me at least the important piece is getting into a routine to see if the regular use of the visualization will make a difference as they have for others. I know that the best way of eating includes grass fed meats and that is a real financial issue. I just could not bring myself yet to spend over $15 on a small whole chicken. Harder if you are cooking for a family but for me I realize that I just need very small portions since I only need 3oz cooked. Will see.

I had never heard of chia bran and still do not know what it is (perhaps ground chia seeds?). Will have to find out because ground chia is sill as the chia will dissolve in liquid and does not need to be ground the way flax seeds do. When you grind or dissolve the chia you are exposing the Omega-3 oil to the air and it will begin to oxidize so you do not want to do that in advance.

Hoping someone is still interested here!
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