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Battling Binge Eating
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Valkyrie1, thank you for the information about what to do for co-worker.

I spent a lot of time thinking about it this afternoon and came to a couple conclusions, one I am unsure about going to our boss as I hate to cause her embarrassment, and start with the place she earns her income. It may sound like I'm babysitting my co-worker, but until I have a better solution I will just try to really keep her close and handle the one on one with the parents. Secondly, I was referred to a senior center here in our city. The only issue with getting help for her thru the senior center is the fact that unless she belongs (which she doesn't) they are not involved and will not get involved. So, the third idea I came up with is her church.

My co-worker is LDS (Mormon). In our city there is a huge population that are LDS, majority of the town. She does attend church a couple times a week, drives there (which scares me). So, I got a hold of a bishop in her ward. There is a large community involvement with the missionaries, and the "brothers and sisters" (which basically what you call others in the church I guess). I learned that there are women's groups and men's group that do at home studies and also are known just to check up on members who have not attended church recently.

I am still doing well today. I had an appointment with my lawyer this afternoon. I was in a traffic accident that resulted in multiple neck and back surgeries for me. Its been stressful the past few years dealing with all of this emotionally and physically, but I came thru the meeting fine. I remained objective and didn't get emotional. I have come to terms that this is how the game is played with lawyers and insurance companies. In the past I would feel like a criminal myself by the time I came home. I'd feel sad, angry, and a million other emotions. I'd also stop and get a shake on the way home as well-chocolate peanut butter. I didn't do it

Its been 9 days since my last binge. I'm working for more.
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