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Battling Binge Eating
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Originally Posted by Valkyrie1 View Post
Here in California you can call in social services if an elderly person is in trouble. You could ask the local hospital for the right number, or call the non emergency number at the sheriff or police station to get a referral. In Cali we can dial 211 for social services.
Thats a great idea, thank you. I will see what we have here. I really truly worry about her own safety at times.

Another day almost finished, hanging in there. Busy with meetings the rest of the day.

Eating, had greek yogurt with fresh berries this morning, lunch some chicken breast soup. I am in an ok place. Nothing up or down emotionally and no signs of a binge. I have been going over and over in my head just what this is, how after so many years I've failed to control it (binge eating). I remember years ago saying I would get this under control because I didn't want to turn 30 and still be this way, well I'm 40 now and still not a good relationship with food. I don't want to be an 80 year old lady trying to binge in the nursing home.

I do remember something very odd from last year concerning my binge eating. I can't seem to control it at all here. Last year I returned home to my parents to take care of a very ill mother. I was home for a long time and while I had been binging constantly before the trip I felt the urge disappear, in fact I rarely ate, and when I did it was just to the point of being full. I remember thinking wait a min. why do I not binge here at my childhood home especially full of stress dealing with having to take care of my mother who had a major stoke. I still am wondering about it. I often think is the binge a response to my environment here, and I felt safe at home or no need to binge?
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