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Hi all - feeling discouraged and a bit angry this morning. Had my WI with my coach last night, and hit 50 pounds down. Great, right? Well, she didn't think so and has threatened to "fire" me from her program - I'm on strike one. Apparently I am not losing fast enough. They only want complete success stories and don't want people on the program who don't fall in to the 3-4 pounds lost each week associated with their clinic. I was shocked.

I will admit that no - my head has not been in the game as much as it should since Christmas but I have continued to lose each and every week, and I'm certainly not going on any binges - my crimes have been not drinking enough water, not weighing my dinner meat (so likely having too much) and erring on the side of chocolate packets twice a day instead of the non-creamy options. But she didn't go into any of that. No questions or discussions as to why my losses have slowed, just an immediate assumption that I've gone off the rails and been cheating.

The whole thing left a really bad taste in my mouth (pardon the pun). Not about the program (due to my involvement here with all of you) but certainly about this clinic. I'm still just a bit stunned and not sure what my next steps should be. I'm afraid to leave them all together because the structure is what's been successful for me - but I think I'll go off on this woman if I have to keep seeing her. Sigh. Talk me down, ladies.

Wk1: -5.8; Wk2: -1.4; Wk3: -4.6; Wk4: -3.8; Wk5: -3.6;
Wk6: -1.8; Wk7: -3.6; Wk8: -2.4; Wk9: -2.8; Wk10: -2.2;
Wk11: -1.6; Wk12: No WI; Wk13: -5.0; Wk14/15: -3.6;
Wk 16: -1.2; Wk 17: -2.2; Wk 18: No WI; Wk 19: -3.2;
Wk 20: -1.0; Wk 21: -5.4; Wk 22: -1.6; Wk 23: -2;
Wk 24: -0.8; Wk 25: -2.2; Wk 26: -0.4; Wk 27: -0.4;
Wk 28: -1.7; Wk 29: +1.5
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