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Hey Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all the sympathy. It actually made me feel really good when I read it. I was crying quite a bit (mostly to my mom lol) and I'm relatively back to normal. Today is the last day of antibodics and I can chew gum on that side but only for a few chews. (ha!) It's not done yet though, he only put in medication and I'm back in Feb for the second part. Then a crown after that. I hope to delay the crown until after the baby is born though not sure I should delay the second part because the tooth is weak without proper reinforcement in it.

I'm really digging my fitbit, it really gets me moving to do more if I only have 5 or 7K steps at the end of the day. I don't feel that my minor walking is doing anything for weight maintenance (LOL) but I do feel more in control of my body if I exercise and bonus baby enjoys it as the little nugget moves more right after I'm done 30-60 minutes. It was tough not doing anything when I had tooth pain but 'meh whateva'.

sarita75 That sounds like an awesome challenge!

dregan Good switch with declining fruit for the wine when you have wine. I don't drink very much and I'm allergic to sulphates and well I don't like wine enough to go looking for the sulphate free versions. I do miss my grey goose pear vodka though. Not a lot but miss it when we're out for a supper.

mars I stopped MiO but more because it didn't interest me anymore. I was addicted ADDICTED to lemons in my water! So much so that I realized it probably wasn't helping with acidity in my body and tooth sensitivity. You can get aromatherapy drops that are safe (not for prego ladies) to ingest (just make sure they are safe to ingest!). I used a lot of grapefruit oil in my water during my Phase 1. It's just the oil so it's more a 'fragrant' option but it works for a change. Also, you can get the water infusers at superstore (so I'm told, haven't looked yet) and put some cucumbers or fruit in your water to give it a taste. Just some options, I was drinking a lot of decaf tea for a while there as I was bored of water.

joysh Way to go on your reboot! YAY YOU!!

Have a great day ladies!

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