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First off, congrats on your losses thus far. Secondly, I don't have an answer for what you need to do in regards to training but from my experience, don't let others influence your decision and your body. Sounds like she's never been on this program. You have. You know what works for your body. I suggest you continue to do what works for you because you are happy with it. Once you get to your maintenance, it'll be your decisions on how to continue eating. Sounds like the people she knows really didn't continue to make great eating decisions. I stay motivated by reading the posts and guidance from our maintainers here. It is possible. She has one side of a story and I don't think it's right for her to tell you to stop.

I did some heavier cardio last week and noticed no loss/slight gain (water retention).I think I'll return to yoga. My suggestion is that you closely monitor your body and it's response to the training. You may find yourself being counterproductive and maintaining rather than loosing. Of course you'll be gaining muscle but you don't want to burn too many calories and put your body in starvation mode either.
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