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Originally Posted by Mom2Carter View Post
Congrats on sticking to it! And your hard work is paying off. I, too, tried MANY times to reboot once I started gaining after doing IP the first time, and I could never stick to it. I just kept making excuses for myself and would go off plan for ANY excuse I could find. Well, with the new year, there are no excuses anymore. My mind is MUCH more at ease and clear when I don't play these games with myself and stick to it 100%. Day 28 for me today, and down almost 18 lbs. Feels wonderful. NO little cheat is worth it.
Bravo!! I've seen this same scenario retold on this thread and want to add that I too lost, didn't phase off, was able to maintain for awhile but couldn't. I kept trying to do it on my own using alternate, etc. and I could not recommit. I inched back 35 lbs slowly over a year. I had a heart break that caused me to get real serious. One day I went back into IP office to get a few boxes and they restarted me for free! It's still been hard and I'm not doing it as flawlessly as the first time but I'm slowly getting there.

I went to a phase II, III, IV workshop and now realize what happens when you phase off you stay with it for life. I'm getting my mind wrapped around that idea because I need time to adjust. I'm rethinking now. Gearing up for life in maintenance because I don't want to gain it back and start over again. It's hard to start over, real hard!

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