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dottington - I think as a long time veggie, I've become like a protein pirate. Constantly in search for new easy protein sources. Even though its not realllllly that hard to get enough in (unless I'm trying to hit like 100g/day), I'm always sooooo aware of needing protein. I've been also eating greek yogurt like a fiend lately. I got a fitbit for Christmas and have been looking at my steps for the first time ever. I'm not really focusing on hitting the step goal just yet but its really neat to watch patterns. Annnd I love sleep tracking. What do you use to track steps?

Atarimae - Haha, ahi I get but I definitely had to google poke. Looks super refreshing! TOM... sucks. The big one. But, like you said, at least you have a potential whoosh to look forward to. Also - had t look up the Call me Maybe squat challenge. Pretty friggen fun haha. I've been thinking about my squat form a lot lately. I tend to be really wide with toes pointed out and can NOT squat deep at all with forward toes. A friend in the fitness field posted this neat article recently and its kind of a neat read about the bones behind squat form.

No derby last night due to ice, which was sad. But I did make it to the gym for a quick run at lunch. This cold just makes me want to sleep :/

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