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Most people are positive and encouraging, and even though I get uncomfortable with questions and comments, most everyone who comments cares about me and is happy for me. I try to remain objective and remember that.

The part where I get the most bothered is when I was at my heaviest, nearly 315 pounds, I coped with it by pretending that I didn't have a problem, that my weight was invisible. So to have someone ask how much weight I have lost, I feel conflicted because nobody was supposed to notice I had a problem to begin with! I know that is not logical of course, but it was something that helped me to get through daily life at the time.

I just don't need people doing any math on my weight. At least 2 people wanted to know how much I had lost immediately followed by how much I had left to lose. The second question kind of stunned me. Now there is no way I am going to answer that. Out of the myriads of people watching my weight loss thankfully only a couple have wanted those kinds of personal details. Well with my new plan this is going to be a non issue, anyway. I probably won't weigh for a long while. I am comfortable with it because I know all I need to do is follow protocol and the weight WILL come off. For maintenance, I am imagining I will be keeping very close watch, but that is a long ways away. Thanks for listening everyone.

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