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This issue can be put in the same category as the "scale" debate. If you are ok with some daily fluctuations..(actually mine were/are never extreme and there were none while I was actively losing. More so now that I've reached goal)..the weighing daily is OK. I never want to be afraid of the scale again.

If you are ok with the discussions of your weight..and are proud of your "accomplishment" ....( can't relate to this) ...but some go for it...if you don't feel like sharing something that has been a source of pain and mortal embarrassment... You are within your right to shut it down.

I personally found my obesity an embarrassment and personal failure .. And do not want or feel the need to have anyone else acknowledge where I was. I knew all too well...and can still feel that fat person's horror. Even though I have lost almost 40% of my body mass. Sometimes the chubby woman still lives in my head. When I look in the mirror I can see she's gone. Having someone else talk about it though, keeps me where I started and erodes the last year in my mind.
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