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How are you doing Selilhannah? I'm just reading through old posts and I saw this one. My staples are mixed greens for salad and/or spinach, fresh and frozen broccoli, fresh cauliflower (love it roasted and or shredded then sautéed), mushrooms, red orange and yellow peppers, cukes, zucchini and occasional grape tomatoes. For protein I eat a lot of steak (probably too much), chicken; salmon (1pw), pork, and lean burgers. I pretty much weigh in and pick up my IP foods and then head to the grocery store for my veggies/protein. My favorite veggie side is to shred a 1/2 head of cauliflower, a sm or 1/2 zucchini, chopped broccoli and mushrooms - toss it in a little extra virgin olive oil mixed with garlic, salt and pepper and sometimes lemon juice then a sauté it over med. high heat stirring frequently but letting it brown up. I feel like I'm eating a rice dish. I just love this. It's also good doing the same thing but chopping the cauliflower instead of shredding it then roasting it on a Pam sprayed tin foiled cookie sheet at 425 deg. for about min. tossing it around every 7 minutes or so it doesn't burn but browns evenly. This is a little easier than the shredding method but I love them both. My husband won't touch either one of these but that's what I eat and just throw a bag of frozen veggies in for him. He will eat same protein as me most of the time. For lunch I love the IP mushroom, chicken and broccoli/cheese soups. They're my go to favorite and easiest quick lunch. I usually add broccoli and or mushrooms to them to get my veggies in. I get wicked sick of salad but usually try to have a salad as well. I like the Potato puree and the chicken ala king which I also add veggies to. Breakfast depends on how much time I have. The Omelet sticks with me the best (sauté veggies then add the omelet mix) but I have crispy cereal when I'm pressed for time. If I have that I then have to have a IP drink (Chocolate or Cappaccino are my favorites) around 10:30 to get me to lunch. I love the Maple Oatmeal but then I cannot have a restricted snack later which I really enjoy (esp. Lemon Wafer) so I have it only once a week and then have pudding for my snack. Love the vanilla pudding with a little cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice added to it. Really good! Butterscotch is good too. Milk chocolate is just okay. Raspberry "jelly"/jello is excellent. I use it like applesauce with my pork chops. Delish. Well that's about it. Hope this was helpful. Good luck.
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