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Vivig here is a hug of support for you:!

That sure was a thoughtless thing that woman said to you. People just have no idea how their comments sound. I mean really, wow. This is a sensitive subject for a lot of us and I am right there with you, already gearing up for the next wave of weight loss and the ensuing comments.

I had one coworker say LOUDLY in front of a large group of people "OMG your face!" because my face is drastically thinner. How does one respond to that? Well I didn't respond or say anything, I just wanted to change the subject and pretend it was never said, pretend I never heard it. This comment was from someone who has been supportive and encouraging, so it leads me think at least some folks are completely ignorant of how they sometimes come across.

One thing we can't let it do is throw us off. I have taken pause like you to think is the weight loss worth all the stress of all the stupid comments people make and how it sometimes makes me feel? The answer is YES! It is more painful to stay as I am now than to improve my health and feel better. (Did that make sense, I'm not sure!) In time as we become thinner and people become "used" to the new us, the comments will lessen. At least this is my hope. Really, a larger proportion of comments are helpful and encouraging than not, anyway.

We are all here to support and encourage one another. Check in often as you need as we make a great sounding board, too. I have often come in just to vent.

And congratulations on returning. You are doing great so keep it up!

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