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Thank you Bellamack. I'm only 55 but have been dealing with this knee since High School. I had my cartilage removed then (torn) and have had 2 orthoscopic clean ups since to smooth out the bone on bone arthritis. I would have had it replaced years ago if they'd have let me but always said I was too young. I am pretty active (skier, golfer, walker, motorcycle rider...) but knee pain is keeping me from enjoying a lot more. I feel I'm too young to NOT have it done while I'm still young enough to reap the benefits. Yes it is going to be a major pain and it will be 6 weeks or so of intensive PT but I know by the time summer rolls around I'll be ready to participate in mostly all the things I like to do. I want to start bicycling and maybe yoga too. I need to start toning up this new bod. I cannot waste all the effort I put into losing the weight. I'm really excited about the knee and even more excited that I'm down 24lbs which will really help in my recovery. I hope you find relief from your knee pain with the arthroscopy. It bought me the last 12 years so maybe it will do the same for you and you can revisit the TKR in your 60s. Don't wait too long though. You want to enjoy life and not sit on the sidelines watching it pass you by.
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