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This topic is one that I have actually stressed over! Originally at the start of my journey looking forward, I wouldn't have guessed that I would mind telling people how much weight I have lost, or how much more I had to lose. Now that I have lost a significant amount of weight, I have been bombarded with comments and questions and interrogations. I have even had the same person ask me every week how much weight I have lost. I work in a very large institution and I have caught the attention of everyone.

Well, I took a break from IP and I am back now, and I have decided not to weigh! I am not weighing at home, and at my clinic appointments I am not looking at the scale and have asked to not be told. All I want to know is up, down, or the same. I am weary of hyper fixating on a number.

Then I thought, wow, the fringe benefit of this is that when I am asked at work, or anywhere for that matter, how much weight I have lost I can genuinely say "I don't know"!! I have even thought I could add in "How much do you think I have lost?" I would think returning the question on them would cause them to see what an uncomfortable question it can be!

So last week completed my first week back OP. All my coach said was "you did great" It feels so good to be back on plan. I will not be able to update my ticker for awhile, but all I know is my body already feels better and moves better and my emotions feel better too! For now, that is all I need to know.

I also want to express again to all of you for being here and posting everyday. Although I took a break from IP, I did not take a break from 3FC! You guys rock with your encouraging stories. I will post more soon.

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