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Originally Posted by Velvet bean View Post
When I lost weight two years ago, people I didn't knew that well asked me a lot how I did it. I usually answered with: 'Just started to work out and eat more healthy,' but that wasn't enough for everyone and they kept asking about exactly what I ate and how I worked out - like there is some magical way to lose weight.

I never knew how to respond. I didn't want to say that the questions are personal, because it would make me look weak but I didn't want to explain my diet to strangers neither.
I never felt telling someone they were making me uncomfortable made me look weak. Having to quietly point that out that this was a personal issue may make THEM look like a social moron...but that's not my problem. I was very comfortable giving the message please stop..Nicely. And changed the subject to something else. Anyone who is that determined may need to be handled a little firmer...but honestly things never got to that for me. If it had I would have said "Can we discuss this later?"..And I would have been more blunt in a 1:1...

Telling someone this stuff puts it out there..How often have you had someone say..."Well you know she lost 85 lbs....!!" ??

Then they discuss "her" and "she's" not even there...No thanks.
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