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Originally Posted by ChaloJ View Post
Hi all!

Rough weekend for me, out of town and only moderately prepared. I bumped along okay, until the road trip part today. Then I blew it. But I am back and ready to be 100%. I feel so good when I am, I just don't know why those momentary lapses of judgment occur!

I'm outing myself here so I don't let myself create a personal environment of secrecy/shame/loathing/failure. It will help me to know I won't be fake here, that I can be accountable here. Maybe I should go back to my coach, who is nice but very....placid. I need someone to help me go deeper, look harder, tighten up the bobbles, question whether or not I am complying...and I am just embarrassed and frustrated that I let myself let go.

Sorry to dump on everyone tonight--I am tired and all from my trip. A good night's rest and a fresh start are the order of the day for tomorrow.
For me personally I had to go back to my coach as I need to feel accountable to someone I guess.

First day back and feeling okay, but I will feel better once I hit ketosis sometime later in the week.
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