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Yes, some of the remarks or questions can seem a bit rude. I always try to respond in a gracious way regardless, but sometimes it can be more difficult than others for sure. It really depends on who it is and my relationship with that person. I have had a lot of comments like, "you aren't going to lose MORE weight are you"? This was 20 lbs ago! Mostly these were from people close enough to me that I could explain that they just weren't used to seeing me the way I was supposed to look. I have a very small frame and can overlap my fingers when I wrap my hand around my wrist. Most people have never seen me as the smaller person I am meant to be.

What bothers me more than questions about how much weight I have lost, or how I have done it, are the comments like, "aren't you worried you're just going to gain it all back?" or "you're probably going to gain it back, after losing it so quickly". I just generally respond, "well, I certainly hope not." Someone mentioned once that you would never say something like that to an alcoholic, so why would you say something like that to someone who has struggled with overeating?

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