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Default Better than some, not as good as others

I've been on the Bistro MD diet for three months.


1. Healthy, wholesome ingredients, more so than for any of the other delivery plans I've tried. A variety of vegetables accompany the main entree.

2. The meals are tasty and, at times, even delicious. The breakfasts are almost always good. Excellent use of seasonings.

3. I'm losing weight-about 1 lb. per week. I supplement the diet with salads and fruit, but I'm sure I'd lose more if I ate only at the frozen meals.


1. The meals contain ingredients such as: malic acid, hydrolized soybean protein, "natural flavorings," and tricalcium phosphate (caking agent). If you want to avoid synthetic ingredients, this isn't the plan for you.

2. At first I ordered the snacks along with the meals. The cheesecakes were tasty, otherwise I didn't think any of the snacks were good. Waay too much chicken in the main meals. Lunches and dinners need a bit more variety.

3. The dry ice (included to keep the food fresh) has occasionally caused the plastic trays to crack and the food to leak.

4. On two occasions I asked for a refund because I lost the food due to the tray shattering. They agreed to refund my money but only AT COST, that is-their cost. In other words, they offered $4.50 for each of the meals. This is unfair! When I return an item to a store, I get the entire amount I spent refunded-not only the manufacturer's cost.

5. The website isn't useful. The FAQs don't answer the questions a real consumer would have.
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