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Battling Binge Eating
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Today I worked in the morning again (food prep in the kitchen this time) for 5 hours, ate when I was hungry there, and then came home, did homework, and went snowshoeing for an hour and a half. I had veggie lo mein for dinner, and had a clementine afterwards instead of more lo mein
Snowshoeing-wow, great exercise. I remember snowshoeing years ago growing up in Maine. It was a great way to get a workout, raise the heart rate, and it also really helped with my balance.

It sounds like you are in control and staying the course, growing stronger each day. I have a weakness for take out Chinese showed great control not going back for seconds.

I have made it a week. I am trying to handle things and believe in myself. I know we all have our own way of handling things, and doing things, that is why this thread is so helpful (board as well). It is full of advice, what worked for someone, and support.

I am still going in early to work, started last week. I get there just before 6. I seem to do ok eating wise while at work in the morning. I was tempted to hurry out the door this morning but stopped to make myself a wrap using two slices of turkey and some cream cheese. Its been stressful at work and stress seems to make me want to snack. The protien stuck with me. Thank goodness because when I got into work there were two sheet cakes in the breakroom the size of 2 x-large pizzas each! An employee from another department left the cakes as a thank you for our help. Within ten minutes of opening the offices for the morning one cake was almost entirely gone, and the other 1/4 of it had disappeared. I don't know what it was, the idea of free food, or the fact that it was cake, but employees were running around holding plates and acting like they were possessed trying to get a small slab for themselves.

On another note, concerning work. I work with an older lady, upper 70's. Physically, this lady is healthy very healthy. My husband worked with her 20 years ago with special needs adults. She now works with me, has for 8 years. She attached herself to me the minute she discovered I was married to her former co-worker. I have worked with her one on one for two school years now. The issue is that she has developed alzheimers, and it is progressing fast. She used to be a driver for the district but has been removed since she just couldn't process information.

The poor sweet lady repeats herself over and over, she has to have me do more and more things for her..she confided in me this morning that she was in an "almost" car accident over the weekend. She apparently went to Walmart over the weekend and forgot to put her car in park when she got out. When she returned to her car she found it had rolled into a car near her. Her memory is obviously getting worse, her meds are not working. She was very lucky no one was hurt and no damage done that was noticeable but it worries me. I observe her at work with help and reminders and she still is almost not able to function well enough to do her job. I am scared of what she is like alone outside of work.

There is no family here in our state, an older son far far away that has nothing to do with her. Just what do you do for someone like this to help? I worry about her but she doesn't listen to what I tell her and not to sound mean but I can tell her something over and over all day and she forgets it in ten mins time. Her organization is gone, she is paranoid that others are "out to get her" and has created stories in her head about other co-workers and repeats them to me as truth. Her confusion is at an all time high and I have noticed that she really confuses the kids we deal with because they know something isn't right with her behavior but can't tell what her problem is. I honestly am concerned when she speaks to parents or teachers from the district because sometimes she blurts out things that make no sense or that are very personal about herself. This is not what she used to be like.
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